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A collection of H.P. Lovecraft 3D resources for DAZ/Poser users

This is my fairly comprehensive list for those making stills, comics and animations in Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2014 / or the free DAZ Studio, featuring the personage and mythos of the science fiction / horror author H.P. Lovecraft. I’m assuming that you want to limit yourself to the Mythos created by the man himself, and not the bolt-ons added by his many acolytes.

Everything in this list is royalty-free content.

1. You might want to start with the man himself, who can be found in 3D form at Meshbox ($13). Only Poser users get eyes-mouth facial motion capability, as these features of the model don’t work in DAZ. In DAZ, the figure accepts aniMate animations. He looks a bit waxy, but some Poser skin shaders would probably make quite a difference.

2. His typewriter, complete with moving platen, can be purchased at Content Paradise ($7) and comes with a distressed and aged texture as well as the usual ‘brand new’-look textures. Purists will want to hack the textures, to change the logo to that of a 1906 Remington…

3. A version of Cthulhu, seemingly an early effort by Sixus1, is available at Runtime DNA ($20)…

4. There’s also Poisen’s Cthulhu Mythos prop set ($6) which is well worth having and beautifully modelled and textured…

UPDATE: new high-quality Cthulhu, the DAZ Store’s excellent Cthulhu Rising

5. There’s an Elder Thing ($20), also at Runtime DNA

6. Content Paradise has a Mi-Go ($8) (or get it cheaper on Sixus 1’s own website)…

7. Sixus1 has a range of Aquarians ($10) inspired by “The Shadow Over Innsmouth”…

8. And there are also addons for the Aquarians, such as the Priest of Dagon ($7) and Aquarians: Obed’s Clothes ($8)…

9. Sixus1’s Phibians ($10) would, with a bit of modification, pass as far-gone Deep Ones.

10. Those wanting to digitally sculpt their own Deep One in the ZBrush software, can find a tutorial in the February-March issue of CG Arena

11. Meshbox have a range of Lovecraft buildings in their Miskatonic University R2 Volume 1 and Miskatonic University R2 Volume 2 and Innsmouth 3D sets. This Meshbox stuff looks a little uninspiring and low-res (it seems to have been meant for the videogames of the mid 2000s), but it has full interiors.

12. For free over at the Google 3D Warehouse, is a huge collection of Lovecraft items and buildings. These can be saved as OBJ files from the free Google Sketchup, and the collection has already been converted for iClone.

13. You’ll also find a lot of 1910s/1920s props floating around the content stores (see the links over on the sidebar of this blog), such as trucks, buses, and store interiors such as the Old West Mercantile Interior ($17)…

That’s all I know of, as of Spring 2012 October 2012. Most of these DAZ/Poser items can also be converted for iClone fairly easily.

Do you know of any more 3D characters and models, that arise from Lovecraft’s original vision?

Update: Summer 2012. The Spiral Descent Cave Entrance looks nice and could be combined with The Pit.

Update: Summer 2012. The Mantabat for Poser could be textured to be a cool Lovecraftian Night Gaunt.

Update: August 2012. Found Sixus1’s early Night Gaunt.

Update: October 2012. New quality Cthulhu character for DAZ and Poser.

Update: September 2013. A new free Cave Octopus for DAZ (.duf file).

Update: March 2014. Dead Pool could be a stand in for the working fishing port section of Innsmouth.


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