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Steampunk 3D Content Assets Survey, part four

Steampunk weapons and guns:

This is the concluding part of my survey of the best in steampunk content assets for DAZ Studio 3d / Poser 9 / Poser Pro 2014

Rifles, big guns, and machine-guns:

Your first stop might be the excellent Steam Rifle Ultimate Construction Kit for Poser and DAZ…

Also very cool is this fab Steampunk Solar Lazer Rifle which could also double-up as a “camera gun” for a steampunk spy…

Need a big gun, but not too big? SteamPunk BFG fits the niche between hand-gun and eccentrically oversized…

Rapid fire devices are covered by this Steam Dragon steampunk machine-gun

Something much more pocketable is this excellent Steampunk revolver


This SteamPunk Lantern, shown here with Doctor Pitterbill, might also be used as an airship gas grenade or finale monster-destroyer device…

There are more traditional grenades and mines in SteamPunk Grenades


There are a variety of rayguns around. Here are some of those that are more 1800s aether-powered than 1920s Flash Gordon…

SteamPunk RayGun

The Weta Industries Raygun is also nice, though you’ll need to convert it from SketchUp. If you have iClone, my free conversion of this gun here.

Duelling and medical care:

For the purist, there’s a free 19th Century Dueling Pistol Set

And after the duel, to patch up any wounds, there’s the lovely Bad Medicine Poser set

Warning of air attack:

Electranaut’s Steampunk PC for Poser might be adapted to be a sort of proto-radar…

You could also have a enhanced-human “enemy airship spotter” with these Steampunk Implants for Poser, currently a steal at only $5…


Blending magical fantasy with your steampunk world? Try this wand

There’s also a matching Staff.


The Explosives Pack is very modern, but one prop is this dynamite, which would have its modern timer removed…

There’s also a free but untextured set of dynamite sticks for Blender.

Unusual Battle Transport:

Look at this SteamPunk Flying Broom; the Steam Razor Monocycle; and the Steampunk Stilts.


Wheeled cannons can be found in plenty on the Google 3D Warehouse, for free.

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