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Poser 9 / 2012 : the missing training DVD

Poser 9/ Poser Pro 2012 : the missing video training DVD!

* Three ‘quickstart’ videos for beginners:

Poser Interface 101.

Poser Content Library 101.

Poser’s Pose and Editing Tools 101. This shows you the basics of posing a character.

There’s more!

Poser Cameras 101. This introduces you to using and controlling cameras in your 3D Poser scene.

Poser Clothing 101

Poser lighting basics:

Poser Lighting 101. Learn the basics of this all-important skill for successful Poser use.

Poser Lighting: Attenuation (light falloff, over distance)

Poser Lighting: Shadows

Poser: Ambient Occlusion (for soft shadows)

* Video seminars for regular and advanced users:

Poser Webinar: Artistic Posing Techniques for 3D Human Figures (60 minutes)

Poser Webinar: How to get the best Poser Pro 2014 Renders (66 minutes)

Poser Webinar: Little Known Secrets of Poser (55 minutes) and More Little Known Secrets of Poser (46 minutes)

Poser Webinar: How to Create Characters ‘with Character’ in Poser (62 minutes)

Poser Webinar: Python Tools and Wardrobe Wizard (60 minutes)

Poser Webinar: Rigging and Vertex Weight Mapping (50 minutes)

Poser: How to animate two figures, interacting (9 minutes)

* Videos explaining some of the “What’s New?” in the latest Poser& Poser Pro:

New! Poser 9 & Poser Pro 2012: Constraint Objects and Channels

New! Poser Pro 2012: Vertex Weight Map Creation Tools

New! Poser Pro 2012 & Poser 9: Vertex Weight Map Rigging

New! Poser Pro 2012 & Poser 9: Animatable Joint Centers

One Response

  1. Mozbo

    THANK YOU for this page!
    I just ordered Poser 9, and am a new and clueless Poser Beginner.

    HOW WONDERFUL to click on the link to this page, and see first off,

    “* Three ‘quickstart’ videos for beginners:” I INSTANTLY feel that I will have little to no problem learning this software if this is the type of help I can find so easily…

    You rock!

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